6v3 Transition

by Ioakim

This rondo drill focuses on a on a 6v3 situation that pressing and build up happen under a lot of transitions.

Create a rectangle with dimensions 32m X 16m and split it in two as you see in the video.
Create two teams of six players. Three players wait in the first square and in the other we have 6v3.
The possesion team tries to create as many passes possible. Every 10-8-6 passes is one goal. Count the goals till the end of the drill.
The pressing team tries to get the ball and play to the other square so that the game will be transfered to the other side and they try to score by creating a pass string of 10-8-6 passes.

Organization in pressing, team work, press at the right moment.
Create cover to the first pressing player to avoid through passes.
Trap the possesion team to steal the ball.
After they manage to get the ball they must find the fastest ball to the other site, either direct ball or after a fast compination.
Movement from the possesion team to find passes through the opponents pressing.
Use all the available space from the possesion team.


Keep the number of the players in the rondo even. In this way you have better distribution of the total work of each team.

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