Build up from the back using GK in a 5+2v4, all players in game position.

by Ioakim

This is classic build up rondo in a 5+2v4 situation with all players in their natural game position and red team to have a transition to attack target.


Set up the pitch as you see in the video.
You will need an area about 18x25m and two lanes of 18×1 for the players outside. Make sure the space is as realistic as possible.
If you follow the example every player will be on his/her natural game position.
You as a coach stay in the middle of the exercise so you give balls and start the game always from the GK.

Blue team target is to keep the ball and move it from GK to No9 and back. When this happens its 1 goal for blue.
Red team tries to make this difficult and take the ball. When they manage to do so they have to score in the small goals posts before they make 4 passes (this is up to the level of your team) avoid passing counting target for the reasons we mention here
Ball in the air is not allowed.


  • Side players need to have great body position that will allow them to look at least two of the middle players (GK, No6, No9) look at the example below.
  • No6 needs to be aware when a player is following him and act accordingly. The way to do that is check around him, look back and check again. Also his body position is very important when he will receive the ball.
  • No6 has to turn when he is alone and pass the ball if he is pressed.
  • Insist on quality passes
  • Insist on good communication
  • Depending on your game model you need to guide the players what comes first. Width or depth.


Remind them they are three more players and they need to find the courage to play!

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