Enjoyable activation with passing and fast 1-2

by Ioakim
This exercise is an enjoyable way to activate the players and prepare them for a passing activity or a rondo. It will challenge their awareness and reaction in small space.


Create a big circle, or use your pitch center circle, around 20 meters diameter.
Place 10 cones around and ask your players to split to, two players each cone.
As you see in the video, the player with the ball dribbles free to the middle of the circle towards the red cones, he then turns back and gives the ball to his teammate, after that he uses the 10meters line he has to do his dynamic stretching routine.
The other player takes the ball and does the same.
When all dynamic stretching routine is done we introduce the 1-2 combination to increase intensity, touches, passing rate and readiness for next part.


As you can see in the progression we remove the middle cones and players now are free to move all around the circle and meet other teammates for 1-2.


  • Correct technique.
  • Let them enjoy.
  • Make it fun.
  • Pay attention to good movements on dynamic stretching, large range of motion is crucial.
  • Encourage to increase the pace as time goes by.
  • Create triangles on 1-2 passing combination is crucial
  • Correct body position while they pass
  • In the second part speed is crucial and demand the first touch to be in the circle to give them speed and direction


Stay OUTSIDE the circle

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