Excellent, never seen before, Y Shape passing combination, IOAKIM.TRAINING inspiration.

by Ioakim

This drill is a completely new idea of the famous Y Shape passing drill designed by IOAKIM.TRAINING


Use the same distance and organization as the original Y Passing Drill,
Create a triangle with three cones and add a mannequin in the middle as shown in the video.
Players move as in the video.

In this variation as you notice some players are defending. Pay attention to the players in the video when they are highlighted in red. In those moments those players trying to defend. We ask for a light defence or passive so the combination works. Later you can ask for normal and more aggressive defence.
This defending new rule will make the attacking players to act as normal game conditions and they will need to leave their cones and move more free.
Also will trigger the attack defence transition in their head.
You can also set an off site rule for the last pass.


  • Correct passing technique
  • Strong pass
  • Target the correct leg depending what is the receivers next move
  • Create good angle so they avoid the defenders
  • Move to better position to receive the pass


Add this as last part in a Y Shape passing drill.

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