Excellent shooting and duel exercise, starting from shooting without opponent to a 2v2 situation.

by Ioakim
Here we have a great exercise to improve the transition thinking of the players, think defence after they attack and think attack after defence. All this in the most enjoyable part of a training for players, finishing!


Very simple setup, just 4 cones in a distance about 35 meters from the goal post and between them about 10 meters.

Create two teams as in the video, you can see one green and one blue.

The first player dribbles and shoots. After the shoot he turns and defends the green player, when this action is finished the blue players must open and give option to receive from the blue player at the starting point and now we have 2v1.

The same happens after this action, the green turns and receives from the green guy in the starting point and we have a 2v2 situation.


Introduce offsite when you feel they fully understand and perform the exercise fluently. Do not do it earlier because you will complicate things.


Defending players

  • Look for the best body position while defending.
  • Demand low body position
  • Focus on the ball
  • Patience for the right moment to still the ball. Ask the players to do their move when the ball is not near to opponents feet.
  • Trap the opponent and lead him on the side lines.
  • Fast reaction to change from attack to defence and the opposite.

Attacking players

  • Unmark with double moves
  • Good quality passing
  • Move in the space
  • Combinations
  • Communication
  • Avoid offsite
  • Fast reaction to change from attack to defence and the opposite.


Create a completition and award the team with more goals. Thats when all the fun starts!

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