Excellent use of the space to connect, passing warm up, progression

by Ioakim

This drill is a warm up the focuses on connection in the empty space. An excellent drill to start a session mentally and physically.


Create a rectangle 16x22m as you see in the video and put your equipment as you wish. In the video you see my idea. Don’t be afraid to improvise!

The player with the ball No3 play in the empty space and the player No4 moves inside to give the ball on the other side and then he go back to his position.
No2 have to make a longer vertical pass to No5 and go to his new position fast. Encourage high speed run. (make sure that before high speed run the payers executed the first part for at least 4 minutes) 1st Part
After No4 receives the ball he start dribbling in fast way until the mannequin then he makes a fade and scores!


  • Quality of the pass is key for this exercise.
  • Players need to be alert and have good communication cause it may look easy on video, its not.
  • Use both feet when passing and dribbling.
  • As the time passes ask the players for more intensity and stronger passes.


Connect the 2nd group of players that you may have (click here for video).
If the level of your players is high add defender in the empty space.


Do not remove the small goal because players love to score!

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