General technique activation for MD-1

by Ioakim
This exercise focuses on preparing players for a not so physically demanding training such as MD-1


Set up the pitch as you see in the video.
Distance of blue/red cones is about 8-10 meters, enough for the players to execute 8 touches of the ball or 4 dynamic movements on each leg.
Small goals distance about 40 meters
Players perform juggling on red station and dynamic stretching movements on blue station.
Use 1 group for all 20-24 players, you don’t need second group.

  1. Keep the ball in the air using both feet
  2. Left foot only
  3. Knees and head only
  4. Only knees
  5. Only head
  6. etc
Dynamic Stretching
  1. Hip out
  2. Hip in
  3. Leg raise
  4. Kick back
  5. Aeroplanes
  6. Carioca
  7. Lateral steps
  8. Lateral jumps
  9. Header Jumps
  10. Run backwards
  11. Sprint
  12. etc


  • Correct technique.
  • Let them enjoy.
  • Make it fun.
  • Pay attention to good movements on dynamic stretching, large range of motion is crucial.
  • Encourage to increase the pace as time goes by.


Scoring is very important in a so easy situation!

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