Great rondo 3+1v3 Transition in small space

by Ioakim

This small space rondo is focused on transition and it’s a great solution for MD-4 to work in small spaces.


Set up the pitch as you see in the video.
You will need an area about 14x24m and an area of 2×14 in the middle as you see in the video for the floating player. You can draw lanes for the players out of the square to limit their space if you like.

The team in possession tries to make 6-8-10 (you choose according to your team level) successful passes, before they play the ball to the other team in the other side and the defending team has to run to the other side to defend again.
If the defending team kicks the ball out then the coach gives a new ball to the attacking team to start again.
If the defending team manages to steal the ball they need to play fast to the other side and the attacking player have to make the defensive transition to the ball side.
Limit the touch to the attacking players according to your players level.


  • Fast reaction to defensive transition when the ball is lost.
  • Full speed to defencive transition
  • Trying to trap the ball to one player
  • Cover the player that goes first for the pressing
  • Block the vertical passes between the defending team.


Give fast balls when the ball is out to keep the pace high.

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