Midfielders awareness and support passing drill

by Ioakim

This drill is focuses on awareness and support especially for midfielders. Very good drill for warmup and conditioning.


Create an area of 20x20m minimum, place a stick or mannequin in each corner, , 2 blue players in a small distance of each stick and 3 in red in the middle of the square as you see in the video.
Ask you players to pass to the other side, receiver (blue player) passes inside to the red player and make 1-2 as shown in the video.


  • It is very important and it’s one of the targets of the drill the players to have good communication, speak, say the name of their teammate and not just shout.
  • The player that receives the pass must move to the ball, make the pass inside and move around the stick to receive.
  • Red players must be ready and aware what’s going on around them so they support the players outside.


A good progression would be a fourth ball and an extra player inside.
Also a very good progression is then the outside players must pass to two players inside. Video coming soon.


Red players must NOT follow the same players and support only them. They need to change, run diagonal or stay, so its more realistic

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