Passing combination for warm up with high concentration demands.

by Ioakim

This drill focus on correct passing angles and continues observation of the ball movement. Very good for warmup


Create an area of 20x215m, place the cones like the photo and also place the sticks and hurdles on the side (of course you can choose any other equipment you with).

Passing starts as the video shows. Please pay attention to player number 6,7,9,4, when they are red they only give the ball and stay. They do not move with the ball to the next cone.

Also player number 3 make sure he makes overlap so he wont interrupt the pass.


  • Players need to be very focused especially when they need to pass and return to their position.
  • Using both feet is very important
  • Body position for the best angle
  • Players that turn red need to be very focused and aware of the timing.


Before ending the exercise, encourage your players to act faster especially after the deep pass, as number 8 does. To run fast to the starting point. In this way they prepare for probably harder part later on.
You can also add more stations outside

Understand completely the difficulties of this exercise before you put in in your training session.

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