Passing combination 1

by Ioakim

This soccer passing drills focused on one touch passing, ball reception and control, turning away from the opponent and vission.


Put your players arranged as shown.
Have at least one extra player at the starting point.
The passing patern is shown in the video.
Put the player, in the set up #6, to stand behind the mannequin
Pay attention to the movement of the player #1. He passes to #5 and stays for another ball.
Also pay attention to player #4. He will pass to #1 but go to the possition of #5


Strong passes while keeping the ball on the ground.
Heads up for the passes.
Player #6 must turn the correct way keeping the ball away from the defender.
Use both feet.
Motivate the players to be aware and ready for the passes.
Push them to make stronger pass in the long pass.
If you create a second group try to mirror the drill and not copy the same. Change groups after 5 minutes.


Do not use more than 10 players. If you use more than 8 then add a second ball when the ball goes to #1 from #4


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