by Ioakim

This is the progression of drill PASSING COMPINATION 1


As you can see we added hudrles and rings ( 4 hurdles and 4 rings are enouph) so the player that will make the long pass from player #3 to player #4 must pass through them and execute the skipping over hurdles and juumping/hopping over rings.
During the exercise you can encourage players to not repeat the same activity on hurdles.

Some activities you can use on hurdles are:

  • Skipping
  • Side skipping, always do both sides
  • Single leg jumping
  • Two leg jumps
  • Move lateral between them
  • Jump latteral etc

Some activities you can use on rings are:

  • Jump and from ring to ring continuously
  • Jump and land on single leg, stay there for half second
  • Single leg jumps from ring to ring
  • Two leg jumps etc

Of course when you perform this drill you can put any stations you wish.

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