Excellent trick to solve the players cheating or relay runs!

by Ioakim

This drill will solve your biggest relay run problem! The cheating boys.


  • Set your distance as you with, 15-20m, depending on the day and the target of the session.
  • Split your players into four groups two teams.
  • Give them a tennis ball or a bip to hand you the next guy.
  • Create a competition, the team that finish first (all players make one spring) wins one point. After 2,3 wins you have your winner.
  • The trick is on the mannequins, you must use them and set them as you see on the video. Follow the setup exactly. The player need to pass the bip to the next guy after he passes the mannequin. So in this way the next player cannot start early!

In this way you solve the forever problem when players cheat and start early. This will make the competition between the 2 teams more fair and fun.


Stand in a place like the video so you will be able to watch both groups!

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