Progressing Y Passing to Rondo

by Ioakim
Progressing passing drill to rondo or possession is one of my favorite methods to connect warm up with main part. This is a great example of how you can progress from a simple Y Passing drill to a very specific Rondo.


Use the same distance and organization as the original Y Passing Drill, just add your cones to create an area of 18×12 meters, instead of lines.
The ball can be moved from either side and they can add more passes than the passing drill.
After a successful combination player move to the next position as the original drill. Player 2 to 3, Player 3 to 4, Player 4 to 5, Player 5 to the end.
The main goal is to use the passing combination but this time in real situations.
Add one opponent in the first rectangle to create 2v1 and another one to the 2nd rectangle to create 3v1
The opponents, red players, need to defend actively NOT passively.
If red player still the ball in the first rectangle then start the rondo with new ball.
If red player still the ball in the second rectangle then the blue move to the new position and restart.
Every two minutes change the two players that defend.
Repeat four times so all eight players do the defending role.


  • Correct passing technique
  • Strong pass
  • Target the correct leg depending what is the receivers next move
  • Player #2 is important to make double movements to avoid his opponent
  • Player #4 & #5 need to move to create space
  • Keep the pace up by encouraging and motivating the players


Don’t get disappointed if at first things don’t work as you wish. Maybe the combination doesn’t look exactly like the one you want. Give time for the players to adjust. Be confident! It’s a great rondo exercise.

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