Reaction to color and to directions (right, left)

by Ioakim

This soccer speed drill focused on reaction speed of players when it comes to receiving directions.


Players are arranged as shown.
After the signal from the coach react and sprint fast to the green cone.
Split the players in two groups, set a distance around 10m and with two colour stick create what you see in the video.
Possition your self betweeen the two lanes so you can have the best view who reacts correct.
Its important you stay focused also and shout clear. Players follow your command.
When you shout RED they must sprint around red stick and when you shout green they must sprint around green stick.
When you shour LEFT or RIGHT they must follow accordingly. Here is the point you can play with them a bit by asking whether you like them to follow your right or left, or their right or left.


  • Be clear to what you say. To react fast players need to be hear clear.
  • Push and motivate them to push for higher velocity reach.
  • Set a competition between the two groups to force them push more. Team with more correct reactions wins.
  • As a progression or variation use red or green cones and instead of shouting show the cone colour and they react accordingly.


Avoid colours that will confused them too much. ie white will be confused with right.

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