Rondo 6v3

by Ioakim

This rondo is focused on the cooperation of defensive line with the midfielders against teams that press with 3 players.


Create an area of 18x9m, split 9 players in 3 groups and ask them to stand as you see on the video.
The players that are standing outside are not allowed to enter the rectangle, they try to keep the possession.
When the possession team makes 10-8-6 passes you count 1 goal (adjust the passing goal number according to your team’s level)
The players are free to pass to any player they want. (in the progression of this rondo we will change that)
The pressing team, as soon as they still the ball, must change positions with the team that made the mistake and continue having possession.


Outside players must be alert and preselect their action as soon as they receive the ball.
They must move on the line to give pass option to their teammates.
Encourage fast game to avoid losing the ball.
Insist in speed and if they need allow them two touch.
immediate reaction/pressing when they lose the ball so they recover it fast


  • To increase difficulty do not allow the 2 players on the same line to pass each other. Only through balls to the other side or to the wings
  • Force the pressing team to score to a small goal after they still the ball. (video coming soon)


Be very careful with the rectangle dimensions, don’t go over 20×10 for this rondo

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