Simple passing drill to improve awareness and communication

by Ioakim

This drill is focus on improving communication and awareness in a very simple passing pastern with some rules.


  • Set up your pitch like the video, cone to mannequin 10 meters and 10 on the other side. Total distance around 20m
  • Provide an extra ball to the last player of each group of three.
  • Put the mannequin in the middle of the distance

1. The first part you ask the players to turn every time the receive the ball. I suggest the turn to be done by the outside part of the foot and in this way you keep the opponent away.

2. The second part you ask the players to play back pass after they receive from the teammate oppose to them and turn on the side to receive.

3. The important part is the last part. In this part we activate the extra balls given to the last player in every group. You now ask the players to turn or to play back pass depending on that player. The YES or NO is: If that players has his foot on the ball its a YES, if the player just stands there its a NO.

What this rule will create is that it will force the player going for the ball to look behind him as he would and should have done in a game when he tries to be aware what is going on around him. When its a YES he have to turn and when its a NO it means the opponent has followed him and turning is not a good idea, so he players back and gets the ball in another way.

In the animation to make it clear i highlighted the players with blue or red. If you do not like the signal you can allays use colors with beeps or cones.

Another excellent way to decide the turn or play back pass is to ask them to speak, communicate whether is good moment to turn or to play back!


  • Good quality passes
  • Good pace
  • Use both feet
  • Turn using the outside part of the foot
  • Be aware whats going on around
  • Look back all the time to identify the signal.


Do not let part 1 and 2 for long time. Two minutes each is enough. Be patient for part 3, explain again and again in the breaks

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