6v4 Rondo – Immediate press after losing the ball to stop transition.

by Ioakim

This drill is focused on transition, both offensive and defensive. Transition in defence after losing the ball for red team and immediate playing forward, transition to attack, for blue team.


Great a five angle area as you see in the video, width 16m, high 12m and the middle cone in a 16 meters distance from the other side.
Split the players in two teams, 6 v 4.
Five players go around the five side area and one in the middle. The four blue are inside to defend and steal the ball.
The objective of the red team is to keep the ball for 10-8 passes (you choose according to your team level)
If the red team lose the ball out, then the coach gives a new ball to the blue team, this is the moment when red team need to react fast the press to regain the ball.
If the blue gain possession by stealing the ball then they have to score fast before the red players sprint inside and take the ball back.


  • It’s crucial for red team to use the middle player and we encourage them either by making it obligatory to score. This means 1 of the 8-10 passes to be to that player.
  • Passes must be strong and accurate
  • Fast reaction when the red team loses the ball
  • Blue need to finish the action asap because they have big numerical disadvantage.


Reduce the touches for red team


Use flat cones to avoid bad passes when ball run over the normal cone because an outside player can play outside.

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